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  • In 2019, they became the third-generation owners of one of Lindal’s top dealerships for over 30 years, Atlantic Custom Homes.
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    Prices range from $270,000 to $520,000 (and up to $990,000 with site) for 1,471 to 2,600 square feet.

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  • Jun 10, 2022 · It is worth noting that there are a few key reasons why the modern, high-quality prefab homes listed below cost less than $100,000: First, the prefab houses on our list have a smaller living area than a typical single-family home and are best suited for use as a tiny home, ADU, or studio.
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  • A list of the best shipping container homes for sale in New York and the New York container home builders behind them.
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    These luxury kit homes are built from premium materials and pre-cut at Lindal’s factory.

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    These minimalist, modern prefab cabins feature a bright white exterior that reference vernacular architecture, but they have a distinctly contemporary design.

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    Accessory Dwelling Units.