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getToken(code, cb) which gives access token (and optionally refresh token) in exchange of the. To make sure the web worker receives the access token, it is the web worker that should.
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  • The final token is a concatenation of the base64 data of the above, delimited by a period.
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    com/IdentityModel/oidc-token-manager to rely on its token.

  • If the request to the 3rd party API is through your server, then store the access token in the database tied to the user, encrypted with a key that is stored as an environment variable.
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  • localStorage.
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    How you store tokens will depend on the characteristics of your application: typical solutions include databases (for apps that need to perform API calls regardless of the presence of a session) and HTTP sessions (for apps that have an activity window limited to an interactive session).

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  • You can store TOKEN as session identificator.
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    Send JWT access token as a bearer in HTTP header with each server request that requires authorization.

  • Tokens stored in localStorage are automatically protected from CSRF attacks, because localStorage items are not automatically sent to servers with each HTTP request.
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