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  • it's your friend!) [Intro] Eb Bb Cm Ab [Verse 1] Eb Can't even begin to explain Bb This all too well familiar pain Cm It comes and it goes Ab.
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    For: Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar, standard tuning [tab]) This music is in your basket View basket.

  • [Intro] Am C/E F Am F C/E G [Verse 1] Am F I had a dream about a burning house Am F C/E G You were stuck inside, I couldn't get you out Am G Am F I laid beside you and pulled you close C/E F C/E G And the two of us went up in smoke F Am C/E F Love isn't all that it seems I did you wrong Am C/E F I'll stay here with you.
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    Another way to play is capo 3 (standard tuning) and start on a C-shaped chord.

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    Writer Jeffrey Bhasker Camaron Ochs Tyler Sam Johnson.