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  • In addition to vertex editing, you also can use the Modify Region Border command to easily change the shape of polygons.
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  • I have a ground pour on the top layer but the polygon connects for the pads on this chip end up pretty weird: I can see what's happening here.
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    Polygons are positive features on positive (signal) layers, that fill large (or small) areas.

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  • All checks are grouped by relevant categories (Regions, Polygons, Components, etc.
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    The same is seen for thr +3v3 net (seen in yellow) where the via once again does not seem to connect to the polygon at all.

  • Select the required net in the Connect to Net drop-down in the Properties panel.
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    The polygon pour will connect to each pad and via on this net that is found within the outline of the polygon, in accordance with the applicable Polygon Connect Style design rule.

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