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The place is covered in 7 underground caves and measures 160 acres. .
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    They have to have cattle on the land to get an ag exemption on taxes.

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    Treasure Hunters Drill ENORMOUS Dry Entrance To Mysterious Cave | Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch.

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  • On Season 2 Episode 8 of the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, Duane and his crew finally descended into the "cave" running beneath the.
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    In this clip, we.

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    With an access tunnel to the underground cavern finally opened, and a tantalizing clue discovered, Duane's son Chad takes a risky dive into the flooded cave system -- and what he finds defies all explanation.

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    Duane Ollinger has sunk everything he has into hunting for what he believes is a vast fortune of gold on his property.